Aggravated Asphalt is a Happy Tree Friends Dimensions game.


The opening intro is in comic form. Flippy passes by a cycling Flaky. One of the bicycle wheels is popped by a tack, so Flippy picks it up. But Flaky crashes into a trash bin and gets decapitated by a mailbox. Flippy imagines an old pineapple as a grenade and nervously flees the scene, only to find more hazards on the road.


The player must help Flippy get as far as possible, using the left and right arrow keys to move. Obstacles to be avoided include vehicles, objects and other characters. The up and down arrow keys can be used to jump and slide, respectively.

Items can be picked up as power-ups. The game is over when Flippy loses all his health, caused by bumping into obstacles. Coins can be collected to continue where the player left off. A new high score is made depending on the distance reached.

There are two types of levels in the game, each progressing past each other. The first is where Flippy is in his normal state, and three grenades must be collected to pass. The next where he is flipped-out and imagines himself in the Vietnam War. A big Flippy face appears at the end of this level.


  • In the comic intro, Flaky is decapitated.
  • Flicky Conspiracy and Sniffles are sliced in half if the flipped-out Flippy bumps into them.


  • This game is similar to Subway Surf.
  • Bulky, Axl, Scythe, and The Mole appear on the normal Flippy levels, while Sniffles, Flicky, and Conspiracy appear in the flipped-out levels.