Brake the Cycle is a fan version episode.






Selfie is fixing her bike when an orange bird flies down and steals one bolt. She notices it is missing but doesn't care. Selfie happily cycles until her bike cycles down a slope. Selfie then slams hard on the brakes, so much that the back of his bike wheel sets on fire. She hits a log and slowly flies through the sky. The bike seat falls off due to the missing bolt and Selfie lands back on the exposed metal where the seat is supposed to be, causing her to scream in pain.

Mystery, dressed in a daredevil jumpsuit and helmet, gets ready to do a stunt on his motorbike. He pours in a large amount of gasoline, though spilling most of it. He gets ready to do up a ramp and over a gorge. But Selfie speeds by and his flaming bike wheel sets the spilled gasoline ablaze, setting Mystery and his motorbike on fire.

Selfie flies over the gorge and falls off the bike when she lands, severely scratching her face on the tarmac. As her eyes tear up in pain, she discovers, much to her horror, that the pedals of her now destroyed bike is lodged in her intestines. Part of her bike that her intestines are attached to falls off the cliff, causing her intestine to unroll. To prevent the loss of her intestines, Selfie begins pedaling them back in. The orange bird returns again and takes out a bolt holding the intestine in a knot, causing the remaining intestines to fall off the edge. Down below, Blue is having a face off against Pierce when the wheel falls down and slices his head in multiple pieces.

Selfie, having finished enduring her gruesome injury, begins crying when Mystery, now a burnt skeleton, and his bike flies towards him, crushing her body. The bird flies back to its nest of bolts and puts in the latest one it stole into the nest. An egg hatches, revealing a spanner.


  • Pierce is instantly killed when his head is sliced by Selfie's bike wheel.
  • Mystery is burnt to death.
  • Selfie is crushed by Mystery's bike.