After you click the Play button, you will be greeted by a prologue to the game, which is shown in a few pictures. It shows that Conspiracy, Shakes, and Snuffly have found a way inside of a secret government building. Sticking together they sneak past the gates and go inside.


Although there are three characters you can only play as two; Conspiracy and Shakes. You control one character at a time as the other two follow close behind. Each level is somewhat long, so there is a checkpoint half way between them.

Level 1Edit

In the first stage, you play as Conspiracy who is holding an umbrella. The group is constantly moving and you can't control the exact direction. Instead you circle around Snuffly and Shakes with the left and right arrow keys to protect them from flying objects being thrown by Generic tree friends. The other action you have is to throw rocks at the enemies but you have limited ammo. If something hits Snuffly or Shakes, you lose a little bit of health.

Fortunately, there are power ups.

  • Pile of Rocks - Will give you more ammo
  • First Aid Kit - Increases health

Level 2Edit

After a screen of the group getting a object from a room the level starts. This time you play as Shakes, as the others follow you. The only action you have other then walking is to jump by pressing Z. You must guide Shakes through the dark hallways with out the guards noticing. In the upper corner there is a "Sneak Meter".If you are noticed or make noise, your Sneak Meter will decrease. If it gets to zero you will be caught. There are many things you must avoid to not drawn attention. These include:

  • Walking into boxes
  • Walking across a laser beam. (jump over them instead)
  • Being in sight of a patrolling guard.

After the checkpoint you will go outside. There are new obstacles.

  • Stepping on a twig will attract a little attention.
  • Avoid moving spotlights from guard towers.


After you complete the two levels, you will see an image of Conspiracy. Shakes, and Snuffly smiling as Conspiracy holds the object. After the credits we see Conspiracy back in Happy Tree Town about to tell the public.


  • It is possible that the mission and the object they took in this game could be revealed in a actual episode.
  • Even though they were in a stressful and dangerous situation, Snuffly does not flip out at any time during the game.