Pierce Halloween
Can't Stop Coffin is a Halloween special of HTF Dimensions.






During a backyard baseball game, Pierce hops over a fence to retreive a ball overthrown by Marine. When he lands on the other side of the fence, however, he finds himself in a coffin sitting in a grave. Upon seeing Cast's corpse, he panicks and yells in horror. He tries to lift the lid off the coffin a few times, but his attempts are thwarted by Preachy, who shovels dirt into the grave, weighing down the lid of the coffin. Because Preachy is listening to gospel music on a pair of headphones, he can't hear Pierce's screams.

Inside the coffin, the panicking porcupine scratches the lid in a vain attempt to free himself. He lights a match, revealing that he's worn away the nails and skin of his fingers and left scratches and blood traces all over the lid of the coffin. The match ends up setting Cast's corpse and the coffin ablaze and Pierce screams in terror. Preachy, meanwhile, smells the smoke coming from the ground and his eyes widen as he imagines Cast in hell.

Pierce's spikes and head have been burned, but luckily for him, water starts pouring into the coffin via a hose. We now see Preachy above ground, watering the burial site and reciting verses from a Bible. Unfortunately, the coffin begins flooding. Preachy shuts off the water, but not before the coffin is completely flooded. Preachy then tries to drive away in his truck, but he accidentally puts it in reverse and drives onto the grave he just buried Pierce in. Frustrated, he puts the car in drive and steps on the gas, causing the wheel to spin and his truck to sink deeper into the mud. As a result of this, Sticky and Petunia, who are silent at a grave nearby, get splattered with mud. To make matters worse, the headstone behind Preachy's truck flies out and crushes Sticky.

Underground, Pierce finally dies from drowning and Preachy drives away, oblivious to the carnage he caused.



  • Pierce drowns.
  • Sticky is smashed by a gravestone.
  • Cast is dead, but we do not learn why.
  • It is assumed that Nutty is the one buried at the gravestone because Sticky is his daughter in dimension 4. (debatable)


  • Pierce's quills and head are burnt.


  • This episode is on the Halloween Fright Night DVD.
  • This is one of the few episodes where a character/characters suffer throughout the duration of the episode.
  • This is also one of the episodes where Pierce cries.
  • This is the first episode where both Pierce and Preachy have starring roles.