As Flaky is trying to ice skate, she is knocked down a hill by Cro-Marmot, trapping her inside a snowball. It comes to rest near Jumpy and Squeaky, who are oblivious to Flaky's predicament. Jumpy places a smaller snowball over Flaky's snowball to make a snowman. He then lets Squeaky uses stones for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and two sticks for arms, which he jams through the torso (ie, Flaky's snowball). Later, Jumpy is shoveling snow away from the sidewalk in front of his house. He looks over at his snowman when, to his horror, his snowman has turned to ice. To make matters worse, Flaky is entrapped in the ice. Worse still, she has one of the sticks Squeaky stuck through her snowball through her eye sockets (impaling both her eyes), and the other forced down her throat. Cro-Marmot, however, seems impressed. In fact, he shows his love for her with a heart, which freezes as the episode ends.


  • Flaky is impaled through the eye sockets and the mouth by a pair of sticks, courtesy of Squeaky.