Dark Ride is a htf dimensions episode that takes place in the first dimension. It introduces Snuffly the war veteran.

Dark Ride
Snuffly Blood

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Internet Short







Death count







At an amusement park, Snuffly is about to get on a relaxing pirate themed boat ride. She walks into the huge boat and sits down. In the boat is Citrus, Giggles, Flaky, Jack, and a few generic Tree Friends.

The ride operator starts the ride and Snuffly relaxes as the boat slowly glides through the water. Flaky gets up and walks around, looking at the scenery on the walls. She lets out a small gasp as she sees a pirate skull picture. Snuffly hears and she gets up to look at it. We see the picture and it's a oddly shaped skull with a helmet and an eyepatch. We see though Snuffly's eyes as the skull morphs into The Tiger General and laughs menacingly. In a close up view of Snuffly's face we see her pupils dilate as she turns into Evil Snuffly.

Giggles looks up and sees Snuffly charging towards her. She panics and turns around but Snuffly grabs her head and snaps her neck killing her instantly. The others see this and scream but have nowhere to run as the ride is still going. Snuffly grabs Citrus next and stabs him in the stomach, disemboweling him. Flaky gets sick from seeing Citruses intestines and kidneys and starts to heave. She goes to the window only for Snuffly to shut it on her torso and rip her lower skin off as she falls into the water. Snuffly grabs the rest of the corpses and dumps them out the windows. She then chases Jack as he runs up the stairs to the top of the boat and stabs him multiple times until he finally stops breathing.

The ride jerks suddenly knocking Snuffly down making her snap back to normal. She looks in horror at the blood on the walls and her missing ride-goers and leaves the ride screaming. Later we see Pierce working along the side of the ride picking up trash. He sees a kidney and Flaky's arm and yells in shock.


  • Giggles neck is snapped.
  • Citrus is disemboweled.
  • Flaky is partially skinned and downs. (Confirmed)
  • Jack is stabbed multiple times.


  • This is Snuffly's first appearance.
  • This is also the first time we see a Ka-Pow character (The Tiger General) in a regular HTF episode, rather than in the Ka-Pow series.