Doughnut Choke






The Mole starts to roll dough with a roller. He forms the dough into the shape of a doughnut and gives it to Jumpy, who then puts the doughnut on a tray along with two others. Jumpy then drops them into a deep fryer. After placing one on a conveyor belt, he decides to eat the next one. However, the doughnut he eats gets caught in his throat and he begins to choke.

After failing to get The Mole's attention, Jumpy bumps into a shelf behind him, causing a knife to fall off the shelf and impale his hand. He uses the knife to stab a hole in his throat to give himself some air. When he pulls out the knife, he splatters some blood on a nearby tray of doughnuts.

He catches his breath but then eats another doughnut, which gets stuck in his stab wound, once again suffocating him. Jumpy then stabs his neck and gets the knife stuck in his throat. He grows dizzy from blood loss and tries to stabilize himself on the counter, but ends up sticking his hand in the deep fryer. Once again, he tries to get help, but he slips on a doughnut and falls onto The Mole's counter.

Oblivious to what has happened, The Mole rolls his rolling pin over Jumpy's swollen hand, bursting some blisters and causing Jumpy to cry tears of pain. The Mole then cuts off a chunk of Jumpy's flesh to make a doughnut. After being crushed by the rolling pin, Jumpy's hand gets stuck to the counter, forcing Jumpy to rip his arm off trying to pull away. He stumbles backward and falls onto the conveyor belt. When the belt turns upside down, his wings get caught on the bars holding it up and he ends up getting torn to bits. Meanwhile, the Mole walks over to the customers with the finished doughnuts.

Later, Petunia is seen trying to choose which doughnut to eat. The Mole then sets down a tray of doughnuts, including one which is made from Lumpy's flesh. Petunia ends up choosing the one made from Jumpy's burnt hand, and she swallows it in one bite. Unfortunately, it gets stuck in her throat and she starts choking on it as the episode irises out.


"The optimist sees the doughnut. The pessimist sees the hole."


  • Jumpy is shredded by the machine
  • Petunia possibly dies of choking. (debatable)