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Flippy is a green bear who served in the war.

Flippy started his life in a simple town. He was called up to go to the war in which he experienced so much blood, gore, and torture that he became traumatized and developed the PTSD disorder, in which whenever he sees or hears anything that reminds him of the war, he turns evil and goes on a killing spree.

Recently, Flippy has been able to slightly control himself better than before after realizing his dark side and fighting it off in a canonical episode.


When not Flipped out, Flippy is very kind and sweet person. He enjoys being active and playing games with his friends like hide and seek or going to the carnival. In most of the episodes where he appears, he is shown as a friendly individual before he flips out. He gets very upset whenever he ends up hurting others as a result of this.

In one episode Flippy realizes his problem and tries to get help, however all attempts at treatment failed to cure him.

HTF Dimensions InfoEdit

Flippy is in all dimensions as he is a canon Happy Tree Friends character.

  • In the 1st dimension he has a relationship with Nutty. He is happy and his flip outs are not as common. 
  • In dimension 2 he is very unstable. Due to his many hallicinations, he strangely likes his evil side and believes that his evil half is a seperate being. 
  • In dimension 3 he is with Giggles and has a daughter. He still suffers from PTSD.
  • In dimension 4 he is very found of The Mole.
  • The 5th dimension he is content, but his evil side has fallen for Handy.


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  • And the Kitchen Sink - Sliced in half by a rope
  • All in Vein - Impaled in head
  • You're Baking Me Crazy - Face skinned, and eyes pop out
  • A Vicious Cycle - Vaporized






  • He is considered the most popular Happy Tree Friends character.
  • He is also the most common paired character.
  • Flippy's kill count is the 2nd biggest in the show.
  • His birthday may be in August.