Helping Helps is a HTF Dimensions episode. This episode introduces Sticky the Skunk and Charlie teh Beaver.

Helping Helps

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Internet short







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Poor Charlie is covered nearly head to toe in bandages, lying in a hospital bed with a small fan by his side. Suddenly, he finds himself being entertained by Sticky, who juggles for him. Charlie laughs, enjoying Sticky's act.

Next, Sticky imitates a snake charmer and begins playing an instrument to make the bandage around Charlie's foot float into the air. Charlie finds this amusing, until the bandage gets caught in the blades of the fan by his bed.

As the fan pulls on the bandage, Charlie's leg breaks in half. While trying to apply alcohol to the wound Sticky accidentally spills an entire bottle on Charlie's exposed wound, increasing his pain. Sticky then moves Charlies leg back into place and Charlie seems to be content.

Thinking the worst is over, Sticky turns the fan back on, only to find that Charlie's bandage is still caught on one of the fan's blades. Charlie gets pulled into the fan and slashed apart by the blades. After Charlie's blood and organs splatter all over the walls of the room, Sticky looks around in tears and exits the scene. As the episode ends, Charlie's hand, which is now free from the bandages, falls from the wall.


  1. Charlie is in a body cast (probably because he got into a serious accident)
  2. Charlie's leg gets broken off, when a piece of bandage gets stuck in the fan. Also he has rubbing alcohol accidentally spilled all over his leg by Sticky, which increases the pain


  • Charlie is cut to pieces after Sticky turns on his bedside fan, unaware that Charlie's bandage is stuck to one of the blades.


  • Sticky's buckteeth disappears when she looks in shock at Charlie being shredded.
  • When Charlie is shredded by the fan, his blood splatters in multiple layers.
  • Sticky's left ear disappears when she is trying to apply the alcohol.