Milk Pong is an HTF Dimensions game.


Splendont and Graves are playing "milk pong", exactly like beer pong only using milk instead of beer. Graves bounces a ping pong ball and it teeters on the rim of the cup. Splendont hits the ping pong table with his fist, but ends knocking the ball in. Splendont is forced to drink a cup of milk, but accidentally swallows the ball along with it. He eventually coughs it up and they continue playing.

Graves throws the ball, but overshoots the cup, hitting Citrus's and Sticky's lemonade stand, The Lizard(causing him to drop his gumball), and Mystery in the eye, but bounces back in the cup. Splendont, again dismayed, reaches for some milk, but grabs and drinks some bleach instead whitening his tongue.

Graves shoots his ball again. As the ball is teetering on the rim of the cup, Splendont tries to knock the cup down with a blow dryer, but only succeeds in blowing the ball into the cup. Splendont again drinks some milk, but to his shock he finds a rat in the cup.

Graves again shoots his ball and once more it teeters on the rim of the cup. Splendont, again, tries to knock the cup down with a blow dryer, but again blows the ball in the cup. He drinks the milk, but suddenly rushes to the bathroom. Splendont comes back (unseen) and they resume playing.

Ending #1Edit

Graves shoots his ball and once more it is on the rim of the cup. Not learning from his past mistakes, Splendont again uses a blow dryer to knock the cup down, but again knocks the ball in the cup. He drinks the milk, but to his horror finds another rat, which reveals a set of sharp teeth and devours Splendont's face.

Ending #2Edit

Graves overshoots his ball and it bounces off a tree to Splendont. He knocks the ball away with a ping pong paddle, but it bounces into the cup. He reaches for the cup but accidentally knocks it over, causing the ping pong ball to bounce into a nearby wood chipper. Splendont reaches in with his hand and, surprisingly, retrieves the ball without harm. He happily turns around to resume playing, but then Graves is crushed by a tree that Scythe and Blue were chopping down. Scythe then looks at the player in surprise.


  1. A rat shreds off Splendont's face.
  2. Graves is crushed when a tree falls on him.


  1. Splendont nearly chokes on the ping-pong ball trying to drink the milk from the cup.
  2. Splendont accidentally drinks bleach instead of milk and bleaches his tongue.


  • This game actually over crosses the dimensions, (ex. showing both Scythe and Mystery even though they are from different dimensions), though this was likely done for comdemic effect.