Mini Micro Friends is a spinoff created by Spongebobfan123. It features microscopic organisms (mainly bacteria) and features them in shorts.


The episodes are much like regular htf, with the cells getting pulled apart or decapitated. Because they are microscopic they do not necessarily have blood. The theme song is also the same, but slightly more high pitched. It then shows the featured characters in the episode.

The characters are bacteria. Because they are microscopic, the characters usually don't look humanoid, they have tails, nubs and invisible mouths. Some of the characters names are the actual names of the bacteria others have more general names.


The characters are usually shown living in a petri dish. Sometimes the bacteria can enter a Tree Friends body to make them sick, however it is usually left ambiguous as to who is getting infected.


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Ebola Edit

A Ebola virus that is small, tiny, and shy, however he is the main leader of the group. His infection is highly dangerous leading some other bacteria to be jealous of him and his mortality rate. Ironically he wants to befriend the Tree Friends but he usually ends up killing them instead.


A long red skinny bacteria that is based off Flippy. He causes the sickness of the same name. He has a somewhat serious attitude but he is actually friendly. He is able to stretch and stick to cell walls.


A small bacteria that causes the illness of the same name. He enjoys hiding and taking residence in small nooks and crannies. Because of this he enjoys infecting the lungs.


An old bacteria that has a grumpy attitude, whom is based on Truffles. He is the virus that caused the black death back in the dark ages, thus explaining his old age.

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