Put Your Back Into It is a Happy Tree Friends Dimensions episode. It takes place in the 5th dimension.

Put Your Back Into It
Put Your Back Into It

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Disco Bear walks toward a gym window to see Petunia and Lucy. He runs in the building, smashing Scythe while opening the door, and tries to impress them. He tries to touch his toes, but struggles bending over, to the point where one of his eyes swell up. When he finally reaches his toes, his spine bursts out of his body. Lucy is shocked and as a result some of her powers cause a lamp to fall on Gary. The girls stare, but Disco Bear decides to ignore his pain and leave.

At home, Disco Bear tries to fix his back using duct tape. He bears with the pain as he continues his daily tasks such as cooking and showering, then tries to fall asleep. He manages to sleep through the night, but then awakens in the morning and continues screaming.

Lucy, Petunia, and Flaky are seen at the beach. Disco Bear arrives to flirt with them, failing yet again because of his spine. Flaky becomes uncomfortable so the girls walk away. A bone is thrown next to Disco Bear, followed by a large dog. It bites on his spine and shakes him about. A fishing hook then catches him by the spine and Russell reels in his catch. As Disco Bear is pulled off, the dog bites his leg. As a result, Disco Bear's head and spine are removed.

Later, Flaky is at Russell's house as he prepares to serve Flaky dinner. He reveals that her meal is Disco Bear's corpse, which Russell has mistaken for a fish. His spine is cut in half before the episode ends.


  • Disco Bear is decapitated by Russell's fishing rod.
  • Gary is smashed by a lamp. (Debatable)
  • Scythe is smashed by a door.


  • Disco Bear's back breaks, and one of his eyes nearly pops out.


  • Disco Bear's red eye rotates through scenes. 
  • Disco Bear was able to remove his shirt to take a shower despite having duct tape over it, although this may have been done for comical effect.