Scythe Smoochie
Scythe gets her own smoochie about one of her favorite activities...

Idle AnimationsEdit

  • Scythe waves hello nervously.
  • Scythe runs her finger on her scar and then looks up and blushes.



A lumpy pillow drops down in front of Scythe. She lays down on the floor and puts her head face first into it. Her tail twitches and we see her breathing stop as she suffocates from the pillow.


A old blanket falls on top of Scythe. She looks curiously at it and puts it on. She almost falls asleep, but her skin starts to itch. Unable to soothe herself she tries to run off-screen, but slams into the wall hitting her head, and she falls to the ground. The blanket floats down and lands on her covering her partly. (Death confirmed)


A bed appears in front of Scythe. Scythe happily climbs in and proceeds to sleep on it. All is well and she looks fine for a while until her foot is pushed off by a spring. Scythe screams as blood pours out of her missing foot. A few more springs impale Scythe making her organs pop out. She looks in horrid fascination and tries to grab her stomach to look at but dies of blood loss.


  • There is only blood in the last option of this smoochie.