Shakes Flippy

This article overviews the friendship between Flippy and Shakes in the show.


Flippy and Shakes generally get along well most of the time when appearing together. They first met when Shakes returns Flippy's lost dog tags. The only problem would be Flippy possibly killing Shakes if he flips out.

Episodes suggesting a friendshipEdit

That's No ThiefEdit

Shakes makes a great effort to return the Flippy's dog tags that he had lost. He continues even after Flippy and other tree friends mistake him for a criminal.


Flippy and Shakes are seen walking to Sniffles' house to hang out.

Episodes suggesting a conflictEdit

Take Your SeatEdit

Evil Flippy uses Shakes as a weapon to strangle Gamey and Shakes is possibly killed as a result.


Evil Flippy kills Shakes by twisting his neck with forceps.