We see Shakes slithering down the street. Bulky shouts some isults from afar but Shakes ignores him and keeps going. Bulky gets angry from not getting a reaction and turns his attention to The Mole. Before he can say anything the Mole crosses the street and Bulky follows. Not looking, he is hit by a car.

Meanwhile Shakes arrives at Petunia's House and Groove opens the door, inviting him inside. Groove leads Shakes to a back room with shelves. Groove is about to get something but suddenly a tearing sound is heard. We see Groove's dog with blood on his mouth. Shakes looks down and sees that his tail has been bitten, while Groove gasps.

Groove attempts to get Shakes to a doctor, however his dog runs around the room knocking some boxes over. Groove suddenly screams, as he steps on some tacks. Shakes, who can slightly slither, gets himself and Groove in the living room. Groove shuts the door and they head out.

At the doctors, Shake's tail is bandaged while Safelie pulls the tacks out of Groove's foot. One appears to be bleeding badly and stuck so she yanks harder, causing her to tumble back when it's released. She hits a cabinet and several shots fall out and impale her. Shakes tries to go and help but falls because his tail still hurts and a needle hits his chest. Panicked, Groove runs out but trips at the top of the stairs, causing the stairs to slice him.


  • Bulky is hit by a car
  • Safelie is impaled with shots
  • Shakes is impaled in the chest with a needle
  • Groove is sliced when he falls on the stairs


  • Shakes tail is bitten
  • Groove steps on a few tacks, cutting his foot