Splendid is a superhero.

Character BioEdit

There is no knowing where or when Splendid was born. Rumors say that he was created in a lab and had super powers fused into his DNA. He now spends his days saving people from the town but rarely, if ever, succeeds, as he unintentionally kills the people he rescues.

This is usually either because of his ignorance or his own powers. Most of the time, he is oblivious to the other characters' deaths. He often flies away without checking to see if the other characters are actually safe.


Splendid believes it is his mission to save others from harm, however he sometimes thinks having to go out and save the day is a hassle.

HTF Dimensions infoEdit

Splendid is in all dimensions as he is a canon Happy Tree Friends character.


Starring Roles

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  • A Change of Heart - Body Mangled when he crashed into a whale.
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks - Cut in half


  • Sight Kringle: Splendid's eye and face are hit by the flying shards of a Christmas light.


  • He is an obvious parody of Superman.
  • Every time he hears trouble or after he saves someone, Splendid usually hums his own superhero fanfare.
  • Even though Splendid has great super powers, he has acrophobia (fear of heights), which is revealed in the "Collect Them All" section which is ironic for his species and super powers.
  • Splendid appears in the mature spin off series Tree Land Erotica