Sticky's Fire Safety Smoochie is a Smoochie featuring Sticky.

Idle AnimationsEdit

  • Sticky giggles.
  • Sticky's ears twitch.



Sticky sees a bucket and gentely tries to put out a small fire. When she does her whole body explodes and the sceen gets covered in flames. (likey, because there was gasoline in the bucket.)


A candle and a lighter fall from the sky and Sticky picks them up.  She carefully lights the candle and is succsesful. She then smells smokes and turns around and we see her tail on fire. She tries to stop, drop, and roll, but it only spreads the fire to the rest of her body.

Fire HoseEdit

A fire hose appears and Sticky turns it on. Nothig comes out so she looks into the end. Behind her we see the hose backing up with water. The knot gets bigger and bigger and eventually crushes Sticky.