Shakes Dogtags

That's No Thief, is a Happy Tree Friends Dimensions Break episode that is in dimension 1. It introduces Shakes, the sinister looking, yet good-hearted snake.






Flippy is seen jogging outside on a busy sidewalk. Turning a corner he almost runs into Trixie, who is seen carrying a few boxes. Flippy jerks suddenly and stops before he hits her; while doing so his dog tags fly off, but he doesn't notice. As Flippy apologizes to Trixie, Shakes sees the dog tags and Flippy's army uniform so he grabs the tags with his tail and puts them on as Flippy takes off.

As Shakes slithers and tries to catch up with Flippy others look on in suspicion. Bulky who is watching the scene holds out his foot as Shakes goes by causing him to trip, and then mocks him. Angry, Shakes gets up and gives Bulky a whack with his rattle and rushes off. Unknown to Shakes, he hit Bulky in the eye, causing him to stumble back and fall into a glass window, breaking it.

As Shakes struggles to catch up to Flippy he notices Shakes behind him. Seeing his dog tags Flippy is shocked but starts jogging faster. Noticing Shakes gaining on him Flippy grabs a trash can by the road and throws it behind him; hoping to stop Shakes. Instead, Shakes jumps over the trash can as it crushes Groove, who was walking behind him.

Flippy finally approaches his house and Nutty opens the door. Looking confused he watches Flippy run in and grab a knife as Shakes arrives. He then uses the knife to guard himself. Looking stunned Shakes takes off the dog tags and explains the situation. They all laugh and the episode ends.


  • Bulky - Cut by shards of glass
  • Groove - Crushed by trash can