Sniffles barbecued






On a beach we see a boat drop down a ramp from it's side. Sniffle's walks down the ramp leading Giggles, Toothy, Graves, and Citrus. Once on the beach, Sniffle's waves to Snuffly who is operating the boat. She waves back and puts the boat into reverse, leaving the shore.

After some chatter Sniffle's leads his group into the jungles of the isle. They start hiking for a while through the trees. Citrus then notices a giant ripe orange hanging close to the ground. Feeling thirsty he leaves the group and he towards the orange, stepping on a rather large flower. After picking it, the flower he is standing on opens up and devours him as it is a meat eating plant.

Meanwhile the group runs into a small village with lots of huts. A group of orange pumas come out and growl at them. Sniffle's tells the group to wait in a empty hut after he is able to communicate with the leader. Sniffles goes off with him and the group waits. After a few hours they go outside to see what is going on. To their horror they find Sniffles skewered and roasting over a fire. The tribe then looks at them and they run away screaming.

We see Toothy running rather quickly but then a tribe member shoots an arrow and it stabs him in the back. He falls to the ground unable to move. Giggles has lost sight of the tribe she is relieved, but is suddenly pulled up by a snare trap. She refrains from screaming to avoid catching the tribes attention but we see her pass out.

Graves is still running and a puma is chasing him preparing an arrow. Graves shuts his eyes but continues running. He screams as the ground drops beneath him; falling off a cliff that he did not see.

Later in the evening, back on the beach a worried Snuffly waits for the group. We also see a scene of the tribe dragging Toothy back to their village.


  • Citrus - eaten by a venus-flytrap like plant
  • Sniffles - skewered and roasted over a fire
  • Toothy - shot in the back with an arrow
  • Giggles - dies when the tribe checks the trap or from her blood flowing to her head
  • Graves - Falls off a cliff.