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W.A.R. Journal is a Happy Tree Friends Dimensions spin off. Much like the canon series war journal, this show looks at the war adventures of Flippy, but also of the other military characters.


The W.A.R. Journal (Weaponized Animal Regiment) is about the adventures of the tree friend military during the Weaponized Animal Regiment. W.A.R. Journal is set dark jungles during the Weaponized Animal Regiment amongst several bases and forts. As it is usually set in jungles, the enemy soldiers would most likely be rain forest animals such as tigers.

Much like the regular series, the episodes are not continuous, but rather they re-new themselves at the start of each new episode, undoing all previous deaths and injuries.

Use of GunsEdit

The creators of the original canon Happy Tree Friends series stated that even though some of the characters in the show wield guns and even aim and fire them, no characters would be killed by guns, as it wouldn't be that imaginative. The HTF Dimensions staff agree, though in the dimensions series the characters can be wounded by gunfire, but still not be killed directly. This also doesn't cover flame throwers and bows & arrows as characters have been killed by them in the past.





First Class SergeantsEdit



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